Road to Self-Reliant Manufacturing: Procurement & Supply Chain Insights for 2021

Road to Self-Reliant Manufacturing: Procurement & Supply Chain Insights for 2021

Procurement and Supply Chain Outlook for 2021

2020 put procurement leaders in manufacturing on the learning curve. Indian manufacturing enterprises will step into 2021 with a singular focus on the road to being self-reliant.

“Road to Self-Reliant Manufacturing: Procurement & Supply Chain Insights for 2021” is a compilation of perspectives on procurement from Moglix. The ebook covers trends in supply chain, digital transformation, and how to make manufacturing more self-reliant in 2021.

9 Insights on Self-Reliance and Supply Chain Immunity in 2021

Is your enterprise into manufacturing? This ebook will enable procurement leaders, supply chain managers and b2b buyers to explore insights on procurement for 2021:

  • Enterprises can save up to 2-3% costs of MRO procurement by leaning on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Effective packaging will be critical to protecting 85% of value in the food supply chain.
  • EPC, mining, and infrastructure development companies can generate 6-15% cost savings by rightsizing their vendor portfolio.
  • An MSME that plugs into an online ecosystem will earn up to 51 percent higher revenue annually than its offline counterparts.
  • With B2B e-commerce, an MSME can reach a 70 percent broader customer base for domestic and global trade.
  • Robotic process automation and digital procurement can save costs by up to 65%; that too within a few financial quarters.
  • Manufacturing enterprises can unlock up to 40% cost savings by embracing SaaS models for supply chain collaboration.
  • The scope of cost savings in business expansion through B2B e-commerce is projected to be anywhere between 60 to 80%
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  • An average supplier has adequate cash to last 27 days and payment cycles stretch across 45 days.

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