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Empowering procurement process automation in FMCG supply chain

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Industry overview

A complex distribution network sets apart the FMCG industry since it involves multiple layers of interaction between retailers and distributors to make the products reach the end consumer. Apart from complex distribution set up, the FMCG companies face challenges of counterfeit products and increased logistics cost because of high volume products and vast distribution channels. In order to maintain a robust distribution channel and offer a more broad and genuine product lines, companies across the sector are adopting supply chain innovation techniques to produce tangible results.


The Moglix advantage

Moglix offers customized solutions to digitize the supply chain ecosystem, gain complete visibility over the inventory, optimize spend and at the same time, increase overall operational efficiency across the organization for FMCG companies.


Unlocking efficiency in FMCG procurement

The FMCG sector is marked by its high-volume products, vast distribution networks, and the need for rapid, seamless supply chain operations. To navigate these challenges and capitalize on opportunities, companies are turning to Moglix’s innovative procurement solutions.

  • Streamline operations

    Simplify processes, gain real-time visibility, and make informed decisions with the right tools.

  • Enhance visibility

    Gain complete control over your supply chain, from sourcing to delivery.

  • Drive cost savings

    Optimize spend, negotiate effectively, and identify valuable opportunities for cost reduction.


Streamlining FMCG supply chain distribution networks

Moglix delivers advanced tech-enabled solutions to digitize and optimize your network, granting real-time insights into:

  • Inventory levels

    Keep track of every part of the process with accurate stock data, preventing stockouts and overstocking.

  • Demand forecasting

    Anticipate customer needs and optimize production and logistics accordingly.

  • Order management

    Streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Combatting Counterfeit Products

The ever-present threat of counterfeits infiltrating the market tarnishes brand reputation and erodes consumer trust. Moglix empowers you with:

Stringent Quality Control Measures

Stringent Quality Control Measures

Ensure product integrity from source to shelf.

End-To-End Supply Chain Tracking

End-To-End Supply Chain Tracking

Gain real-time visibility throughout the journey, identifying potential vulnerabilities.

Advanced Verification Tools

Advanced Verification Tools

Utilize our tech-enabled track and trace mechanism for ultimate product authentication.

Enriching your product portfolio with Moglix

A key strategy for FMCG companies is to offer a diverse and genuine product portfolio that caters to evolving consumer preferences. Moglix assists in supplier diversification, helping businesses source a wide range of products.

  • Expand your network

    Source a wider range of products from reliable and trusted vendors across the globe, ensuring quality and variety.

  • Navigate new categories

    Explore and introduce new SKUs with confidence, expanding your offerings to meet evolving consumer demands.

  • Launch innovative products

    Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging Moglix's e-procurement solutions and catalog-based buying to seamlessly introduce cutting-edge products.


How catalog-based buying eases FMCG supply chain management

Moglix's catalog-based buying solution emerges as a powerful tool to streamline your supply chain and unlock several key benefits:

Simplified Procurement

Simplified Procurement

  • Pre-vetted vendors and products

    Eliminate the need for extensive supplier research and qualification, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Standardized Product Information

    Ensure consistent product details and specifications across the entire catalog, minimizing errors and miscommunication.

  • Streamlined Ordering Process

    Easily search, select, and order from a readily available selection of products, simplifying procurement for all stakeholders.

Enhanced Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Reduced Lead Times

    Expedite procurement by eliminating the need for lengthy request for quotation (RFQ) processes.

  • Improved Inventory Management

    Gain real-time visibility into available inventory within the catalog, preventing stockouts and overstocking.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

    Automate repetitive tasks and streamline approval workflows, freeing up valuable resources for strategic initiatives.