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Allowing CPOs and CTOs stay at the vantage point of direct procurement transformation with contract optimization solutions covering contract planning, compliance, governance, and negotiation.

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Maximizing value through technology

Across all stages of the contract lifecycle for direct procurement with zero-touch change management

Amend, Clone, and Submit
A new digital contract with agility on any integrable third-party CLM system
Co-create and Collaborate
With other local and global buyers to overcome geographical hurdles with seamless ease
Perform Master Data Validations in real time
For an error-free and faster processing of contract
Performance-driven culture
With optimized workflow and advanced analytics for efficiency in contract management

Processing contracts for a geographically dispersed organisation was time-consuming and inefficient. After multiple attempts to solve the problem with other partners, implementation of iCAT with Moglix has been a game changer for us, as it has automated and streamlined our contract management process across geographies.

Dhaval Buch | CPO, Unilever, 2019



New world order where contracting has become easy, collaborative and intelligent.

iCAT for Enterprise is a SaaS-based platform, which is enabling purchasing departments to forge successful relationships with their supply chains by creating immense value for both buyers and suppliers.

With iCAT, organizations can overhaul their redundant workflows with the help of smart contracting features carefully crafted to enhance every step of their contract creation journey, guided by cutting-edge technology.



A single window contract analytics dashboard for all direct procurement contracts

C-Vantage transforms contract data into actionable intelligence by mining key procurement metrics and building a foundation for procurement organizations to uncover comprehensive insights into supply chain disruptions and risks. C-Vantage offers procurement leaders with greater visibility into spend and commercial risk opportunities by mining into millions of data.

The AI-driven solution provides a powerful contract analytics dashboard to a rich procurement automation function and improves overall technology and business confidence leading to bigger profits.