Optimize MRO Procurement

Reduce direct and indirect costs, consolidate vendor base, experience consistent buying experience across sites and leverage your data to deliver strategic value

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Brands providing 700,000+ SKUs


Warehouses across India, Singapore & Indonesia


Qualified Suppliers


Local and International Logistics Partners

Moglix Solutions are transforming indirect procurement for global enterprises


Vendor Consolidation

Moglix offers a single window for procurement of MRO items in 50+ categories through one platform.

Moglix offers Single window procurement of MRO items in 45+ categories through one platform.

  • Reduce vendor base by up to 80%

  • Reduce purchase costs

  • Minimize inventory costs


Globally Integrated Supply Chain

Unorganized and disintegrated logistics can lead to 6% additional supply chain cost

Moglix’s integrated supply chain offers warehousing and logistics support in India and SE Asia for global procurement.

  • Wide network coverage

  • JIT replenishment

  • Value-added offerings such as VMI and Moglix Powered Stores (MPS)


Compliance and Quality Assurance

Compliance and quality issues can increase purchase cost by 10%

Moglix’s large vendor base ensures high-quality standards while the digital interface allows for process compliance.

  • Eliminate quality slippages and returns

  • Transparent workflows

  • Maintain consistent procurement KPIs across sites


E-commerce buying experience

Manual buying processes can take up to 30% of the procurement professional’s time

Moglix Solutions enable easy, quick and accurate buying through an online portal with technology-driven recommendations

  • Catalogue based buying

  • Real time tracking

  • Value addition through alternate product recommendations

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