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For projects of national importance like Central Vista, infrastructure project developers rely on Moglix Business for their construction raw material procurement supply chain.

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If you are responsible or consulted for construction raw material procurement or digital supply chain transformation, Moglix Business has got you covered

Find procurement solutions for your infrastructure construction project by:

Construction Raw Materials

Discover the best prices for structural steel, steel TMT bars, corrosion resistant steel and more.

Buyer Persona

Discover solutions to procurement problems as per your role in the infrastructure supply chain.

Construction Raw Materials

6+ construction raw materials and 50+ consumables categories

Request for quotes of multiple construction raw materials for multiple locations in under 3 minutes

Procurement Supply Chain Solutions

Relevant construction raw material procurement solutions

Find relevant construction raw material procurement solutions that are mapped to your vantage point, customized to solve the business problems that you must solve for your infrastructure project developer and shaped as per your role in the infrastructure supply chain.

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For CPOs
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For CTOs
For CPOs of Infrastructure Project Developers
Bag New Infrastructure Project Wins

Emerge as the L1 infrastructure project developer. Submit winning financial bids. Optimize construction raw material costs across all stages of the project lifecycle with procurement expertise of Moglix Business.

Continuously Optimize the QCBS Matrix

Stay in control of the quality and cost-based selection matrix. Find and onboard reliable suppliers for construction raw materials with the right credit terms with procurement outsourcing solutions from Moglix Business.

Eliminate Opacity in Reporting

Get site wise and line-item wise insights on spend analytics with procurement performance reporting solutions for EPC infrastructure project developers from Moglix Business.

Enable Profitable Growth

Optimize the effective landed cost of the supply chain for your entire portfolio of infrastructure projects to protect and grow the gross margin with site aggregation solutions from Moglix Business.


Construction raw material procurement success stories

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Roads & Bridges


Ports & Terminals

Passenger Railways

Freight Railways

Bulk Material Transportation


Metro Rail

Real Estate

Thermal Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation

Waste Management

Oil & Gas


Thermal Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation

Waste Management

Oil & Gas

Transmission & Distribution

Irrigation Systems

Sewage System

Drainage System

Human Development

Education Infrastructure

Healthcare Infrastructure

Drinking Water Infrastructure

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