One-stop data cleaning solution for a seamless and digital catalog-based buying experience

From data audit, data cleansing & harmonization to the organization of clean data across enterprise-wide ERP systems and cloud SaaS products

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What You Get

We provide a comprehensive metadata management solution

Using best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven data cataloguing tools and data cleaning techniques.


Data Audit

Turning data into insights 

Moglix data audit solutions provide organizations with a comprehensive report on the nature and magnitude of unclean data and the most efficient next steps allowing them to eliminate the following :

  • 27% vague SKUs due to missing attributes

  • 7% duplicate SKUs due to variable taxonomies

  • 1-3% returns from incorrect items

  • 12% purchases made at non-ARC prices


Data Cleansing & Harmonization

Ensuring accuracy, consistency, and completeness of your data through integrated data cleansing and harmonization solutions

To create a single source of truth based on unique digital identities for:

  • Manufacturer & supplier

  • Part number

  • Part number

  • Units of measurement

  • Adequate part descriptions


Data Cataloguing & Organization

One-click view of all the attributes of an SKU required for the approval workflow

to complete the purchase requisition to purchase order journey. User-level benefits include

  • De-duplication of meta data

  • First time right purchase orders

  • Time, effort, and cost savings on indirect procurement