December 28, 2020

Packaging in 2021: Contactless Packaging is the New Normal

Packaging in 2021: Contactless Packaging is the New Normal

A big packaging transformation for businesses and consumers in 2020 was safety. In 2021, the contactless packaging of goods will be integral to protecting the value and human health across all supply chain journeys. The evolution in the packaging industry is likely to change the tertiary packaging of goods, especially in the FMCG, pharma, and e-commerce sectors. 

People will step into 2021 with a sense of renewed hope and expectations around the multiple variants of the vaccine for COVID19. The successful rollout of the vaccine for COVID19 will require drug manufacturers, packaging businesses, logistics services providers, and warehousing businesses to seamlessly collaborate in the supply chain journey. 

Traditionally drug makers and distributors have trusted vials for pharmaceuticals packaging. However, pharmaceuticals packaging businesses will have to reimagine the status quo for the vaccine. First, despite being the standard packaging solution, vials are impacted by sodium borate concentrates that may alter drug effectiveness. Second, the vaccines will require secure primary packaging solutions for storage and mobility in temperature-controlled environments.

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Innovations in frozen food and beverage packaging solutions will be integral to increasing the food shelf life, reducing food wastage, and addressing the challenges of global hunger and malnutrition in 2021. 

What will also be integral to enterprises’ efforts to build consumer confidence will be their e-commerce enablement. People will continue to maintain social distancing and be careful about the safety of their goods in 2021. As a result, manufacturers will have to explore ways to package their goods for e-commerce enablement. They will also have to ensure that goods are insulated from direct contact with people. 

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E-commerce packaging, especially primary packaging will continue to be in demand in 2021. Packaging solutions providers will have to offer packaging solutions that will be more ergonomic, consume less shelf space, and lightweight, in order to optimize cost, insurance, and freight charges.

Shobhit Goel is Vice President, Packaging at Moglix.

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