Moglix Supercharges the Procurement of Structural Steel for Shanghai Tunnel Engineering for the Delhi Meerut MMRTS Project

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Our Client

Established in 1996, the Singapore based EPC is a leading global civil engineering and construction firm and is the project developer for the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS). Moglix supply chain solutions for infrastructure projects are enabling the EPC project developer to meet the project construction schedule and cost estimates through disciplined and agile procurement of a multitude of structural steel items.

Business Challenges

  • Tight deadline for project completion
  • Mandate for agile procurement
  • Fragmented supplier base
  • Lengthy PR-to-PO cycle time

7 Days Order-to-Delivery TAT


Explore how Moglix is enabling execution rigor for the Delhi Meerut RRTS project through agile procurement of structural steel