March 15, 2023

Why We Need to Rethink PPE for Women in Industry?

Why We Need to Rethink PPE for Women in Industry?

When we think of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the industrial sector, we will likely picture a bulky suit and helmet on a male worker. However, this image fails to acknowledge the millions of women working in industries that require PPE. Women face unique challenges in the workplace, including ill-fitting PPE and inadequate safety gear, which can expose them to dangerous working conditions.

Despite the pressing need for gender-specific PPE, a recent Women in Global Health study(1) reveals that about three-quarters of the women surveyed experienced problems with PPE fit, and a mere 14% reported using exclusively fit-tested PPE. This alarming finding is a cause for concern as poorly fitting PPE can lead to reduced productivity, injuries, and in severe cases, fatalities. The fact that women face such challenges in obtaining appropriate PPE should be treated as a critical issue that requires our immediate attention to ensure women’s safety at manufacturing facilities.

One Size Does Not Fit All: The Gender Gap in PPE Procurement

The lack of awareness within some organizations of women’s unique PPE needs and female-friendly safety equipment is a primary challenge women face. The all too common “one size fits all” strategy is often employed in PPE procurement, leading to employers neglecting the purchase of PPE designed for women and displaying indifference towards their safety.

Additionally, the male-dominated construction industry culture presents another significant barrier to women’s access to adequately fitting PPE. Women are frequently expected to make do with PPE designed for men, modify their gear, or purchase their PPE outright. This culture of indifference must be challenged, and solutions must be sought to provide female worker safety in the manufacturing sector.

Procuring for Diversity: The Importance of Gender-Specific PPE

The importance of addressing PPE challenges for women cannot be overstated. In many industries, women are exposed to the same risks as men, including exposure to chemicals, heat, and electrical hazards. Without adequate protection, women are at risk of injury or even death. To be effective, the safety-oriented design and production of PPE must cater to the distinct requirements of every gender.

In addition to the moral imperative of ensuring women’s safety, there are practical reasons to address PPE challenges for women. When workers feel safe and protected, they are more likely to be productive and engaged in their work, leading to a more positive and efficient work environment.

Empowering Women with Innovative PPE Solutions: Join the Revolution

Unfortunately, many women still face unique challenges regarding selecting and using PPE in the workplace. To bridge this gap, employers must engage women in the PPE selection process and thoroughly assess their needs.

Thankfully, some manufacturers have recognized the need for gender-specific PPE and are leading the charge toward innovation in this area. Women’s PPE is now being designed to fit the female body shape, with adjustments made for height, waist size, and shoulder width differences. The use of softer materials and more flexible fabrics not only improves comfort and range of motion but also promotes safety.

Moreover, In order increase adoption women’s PPE is now being made more practical and appealing, with various colors, patterns, and form-fitting designs. This is a welcome change as it encourages women to wear their PPE more often, improving safety and reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

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