September 26, 2022

Why popular e-marketplaces are a strict no go when it comes to corporate gifting?

Why popular e-marketplaces are a strict no go when it comes to corporate gifting?

How often have you heard (or used) the phrase: “I’ll just buy it online”?

Let’s face it. eCommerce platforms have a robust market presence. They’re the go-to destinations for most people who are shopping online, particularly for gifts. As one global survey revealed, around 42% of people prefer to buy most (or all) of their holiday gifts on one of these platforms.

Often confused, hence seldom understood is the fact that marketplaces lack the sensitivity when it comes to corporate gifting. Shopping for corporate gifts on these marketplaces defeats the objective of corporate gifting. This festive gifting season, hence, it is a good time to reinvent corporate gifting and look beyond these marketplaces for your employee,customer, and other stakeholder gifts.

One of the key reasons to give bespoke portals a chance this year is that they offer greater freedom to personalize the gifts you purchase. And personalization is one of the hottest gifting trends at the moment. Even adding small details like names, designations, and achievements can significantly elevate the quality of a gift.

Customized gifts like these make receivers feel more valued and included in the corporate family. Unfortunately, on larger, bulk-order marketplaces, you cannot choose curated gifts or add a personal touch to every gift.

Another reason to steer clear of universal online stores is their vetting process. Leading eCommerce marketplaces are generally not particularly picky about the sellers they enlist on their platforms. So, you may have to navigate various issues like inaccurate or insufficient product information, failure to meet delivery deadlines, or a lack of standardized customer service.

Additionally, when you look beyond such generic marketplaces to pick a portal that specializes in corporate gifting, you get the advantage of building a relationship with the latter. You can capitalize on this partnership to build a robust and dynamic corporate gifting program that could quickly become a unique value proposition for your company. This may not be possible when you choose large, consolidated eCommerce portals.

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