May 25, 2021

Moglix 2.0: Hitting the USD 1 Billion Valuation Mark and Impacting Lives

Moglix 2.0: Hitting the USD 1 Billion Valuation Mark and Impacting Lives

We started with a simple vision: How can we re-imagine B2B commerce and supply chain with technology?

From inception in 2015 to hitting the USD 1 billion valuation mark, the seed to unicorn journey of Moglix has been a tale of fearlessness, innovation, agility, and collaboration. The Moglix story rekindles hope and fires the aspirations of the manufacturing sector in ways that are absolutely unprecedented. 

The milestone in our journey is also a testimony to the distance that India’s manufacturing supply chain ecosystem has traversed in these six years, its digital transformation, and the promise it holds for us as we chase the target of a USD 5 trillion GDP manufacturing economy.

Disrupting the Indian Manufacturing Sector with a Tech-first Approach

Technology enablement in the Indian manufacturing supply chain ecosystem in 2015 was at less than 2%. Building an enterprise that would leverage technology to reinvent B2B commerce and supply chains in India and transform a segment that had not seen innovation in a long while. It led to the birth of Moglix, a self-serve e-commerce platform fully equipped to streamline the buying and selling of 3,00,000+ SKUs of industrial goods. 

In 2017 when India launched a crucial economic reform in the rollout of the GST, we began institutionalizing the processes needed to simplify our collaboration with all stakeholders in the supply chain. We started building a digital procurement platform with the aim of personalizing the B2B commerce experience for enterprises. Since its rollout, the Moglix Buyer’s Terminal has facilitated enormous ease of procurement of indirect materials, reducing time engagement on supplier collaboration by 80%, enabling 20% cost reduction, and onsite deliveries of 1.5 lac+ SKUs. It has enabled a seamless transition to work from home for 5000+ procurement team employees of our enterprise customers through the pandemic. 

Entering the SaaS realm with  iCAT and C-Vantage in 2018, we were focused on simplifying contract creation and enabling effective contract management for procurement teams.   we were able to create an impact of 80,000 direct procurement contracts worth USD 10 billion by improving the cycle time of contracts.. In addition, the solution assumes tremendous significance in upholding the values of trust, transparency, and equity in OEM-supplier relationships in times of eroding uncertainty and supply chain disruptions amid the COVID19 pandemic.

Solving the Cash Flow Conundrum for MSMEs

As we continued to partner with enterprise buyers, we realized that there awaits a tremendous opportunity for suppliers, especially MSMEs, to connect to relevant growth and capacity expansion opportunities through OTIF order fulfillment and pan India distribution. The Moglix Supplier Central platform has been instrumental in shaping faster technology adoption in our supplier base. 

While letting go of traditional manufacturing methods to embrace digital solutions was one challenge, the other  was creating access to  on-demand collateral free credit. Building a custom digital supply chain financing solution Credlix. Our vision is to provide working capital solutions to a large base of  500,000 MSMEs and 16,000 suppliers as well as improve collaboration between suppliers and buyers. 

Our Secret Ingredient?

The people working at Moglix. We have a highly skilled team solving the hardest problems with a tech-first approach. We are grateful for the talent across MRO, Packaging, supply chain finance building smart tech to disrupt the #manufacturing sector.

Expanding into New Geographies

The onset of the pandemic has been an eye-opener for all of us. To match steps with our customers and suppliers, we had first to ensure the health and safety of our employees. Being built from the ground up on the cloud allowed us to pivot to a work-from-home model swiftly. 

In hindsight, our technology-first approach has been our savior, enabling us to “do more with less for more.” A powerful testament to this adage is how we turned around our supply chain in 3 days at the pandemic’s peak in April and May last year with just 30 onsite staff. 

Our digital supply chain network is also a key enabler of our efforts to go global and transcend geographical boundaries. Over the past year, we have been able to integrate the UAE and the U.K into our supply chain. We exported PPE kits to 4 locations in the United Arab Emirates  and  3 Ply masks to the U.K that were approved by International Quality Certification Services UK Ltd and CE certified.

What’s Next: The Immediate, The Intermediate and the Long-Term

The second wave of the COVID19 pandemic has severely impacted vulnerable communities in India in ways least expected. In the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, we will continue to support communities of people through our PPE supply chain solutions as we have been doing over the last year. While we have enabled PPE kit availability for 10 million people across 120 countries and 500 locations across India, we have now taken an initiative to streamline the oxygen concentrator supply chain through our group sharing model. 

We are collaborating with 10 large enterprises, NGOs, and RWAs to enable communities of people to access oxygen concentrators across India through our innovative network-based distribution model. Learn more about our role in solving the oxygen crisis here

Our focus on First Principles Thinking, how we define the market, and success criteria has led us to create the new operating system of B2B commerce for the manufacturing world. Looking forward to achieving many more such milestones as we continue our quest to build a bigger manufacturing economy.