November 24, 2017

GST Returns Filing Manual V/s Technology

GST Returns Filing  Manual V/s Technology

With the new GST regime being enforced, return filings have become quite a task. For old school tax filers, trying to file the taxes manually can be quite an arduous labor. Post the dates for filing returns being extended, utilizing technology to aid you, can make filing smoother and definitely ease the burden.

Here is a look at a few pointers and hardships that can be faced while filing GST manually vs. using technology:

  1. While filing GST manually, you’ve to manually create a state-wise and then location wise folder. Also if different locations have the same GSTN, then it first needs to be combined together. While, when using technology, the data flows automatically from any format on the basis of the scheduled fixer (i.e. hourly/daily/weekly basis etc.). The data flow can be saved for future reference too.
  2. In the manual mode, different registers need to be saved and downloaded from the ERP system. These must them be further bifurcated, into the format of the GSTR, as prescribed by the government. Using technology, simplifies these processes considerably, as data is extracted directly from the ERP and conversions and combination, follow seamlessly.
  3. Once the return has been prepared, it needs to be saved for reviewing further, to check if any changes need to be made in the numbers; and if so, then they need to be manually updated in the ERP. This is followed by converting the final output file, into a JSON file and then uploaded into the portal. If the errors are not rectified, then the files cannot be uploaded. Furthermore, when all the errors have been rectified, you need to log in manually into the portal, multiple times, for every subsequent return.

However, when using technology, the returns can be downloaded and reviewed GSTN wise, in the system itself and necessary changes can be made. These changes can be then made in the ERP or vice-versa. The corrected draft will then be automatically changed into the JSON file, which is relatively error-free, as compared to manual conversion.

Hence, it is quite evident that using technology to file GST returns, is much more efficient and time-saving as compared to manual filing. If you need assistance with your GST returns, visit and let our GreenGST software take care of all your return filing needs.