September 13, 2023

Gifting Etiquette: Navigating the Do`s and Don`ts of Corporate Gifting

Gifting Etiquette: Navigating the Do`s and Don`ts of Corporate Gifting

You’re considering a corporate gift after sealing a deal with a top-tier client. Wise choice! A thoughtfully chosen gift expresses gratitude and fosters trust and loyalty; with Forbes highlighting that just a 5% rise in customer retention can amplify profits up to 95% and a resounding 80% of executives attesting to the positive ROI of business gifts, the importance is evident.

We provide some do’s and don’ts to boost your corporate gifting efforts.

Do’s for effective corporate gifting

  1. Prioritise thoughtfulness and personalization: Personalised gifts, like those sleek engraved pen sets or custom leather portfolios, show you’ve put in effort. They’re the essence of proper gifting etiquette that professionals often discuss.
  2. Embrace unexpected timing: There’s something delightful about receiving a gift on an unusual day. Think World Gratitude Day or a random Tuesday. It’s a fun twist on the standard corporate gift occasions and always creates a buzz.
  3. Choose quality over cost: Imagine the lasting impression a handcrafted premium watch or a fine cashmere scarf would leave. It’s this level of quality that truly exemplifies the gold-standard business gifting guidelines.
  4. Extend to the inner circle: How about surprising an employee’s family with a gourmet hamper or a movie night-in bundle? Doing so genuinely acknowledges all corporate gift recipients, fostering more profound connections.
  5. Value their time with practical gifts: Gifting items like a top-notch planner or a digital assistant subscription isn’t just thoughtful. It’s a nod to accurate professional gifting that prioritizes the recipient’s daily needs.

Don’ts for effective corporate gifting

  1. Avoid trend-driven presents: While tech fads come and go, a timeless leather-bound journal or an elegant desk piece endures. This strategy embodies the best proper gifting practices.
  2. Refrain from offering low-quality items: People cherish flimsy trinkets. They can misrepresent intentions and can stray away from genuine gift etiquette rules.
  3. Beyond generic gift cards: How about gifting a boutique bookstore token or an artisanal workshop? Such gifts encapsulate the spirit of ethical gifting.
  4. Be mindful with food and drink: With the plethora of dietary preferences, it’s essential to tread carefully. It showcases a level of thought aligning well with the intricacies of gifting in the workplace.
  5. Steer clear of time-consuming gifts: Gifts that seamlessly integrate into daily life without fuss are ideal. They’re at the heart of a thoughtful corporate gifting experience.

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