September 13, 2023

4 Trending Corporate Gifting Ideas of 2023

4 Trending Corporate Gifting Ideas of 2023

The global corporate gifting market size was valued at more than $75,00,00 million in 2022, expected to reach $1,20,00,00 million by 2028. This growth is largely attributed to the fact that corporate gifting is no longer restricted to the holiday season.

Corporate gifts are now sent all year round as they help build professional connections and maintain relationships with employees, customers, and partners. In fact, most companies send corporate gifts to their existing clients as a token of appreciation (50%) or to acknowledge an employees’ milestones (65%) — the two most popular corporate gifting occasion.

But what do you give your employees or clients that is meaningful yet trending in 2023? Continue reading to know!

4 Top Trending Gift Ideas This Season

Virtual Experiences

In 2023, businesses will seek out virtual experiences to present as corporate gifts as remote work becomes more prevalent In fact, virtual experiences are among the five most popular corporate gift items.

Virtual cooking lessons, wine tastings, and team-building events will all be trending options as they allow teams to connect and bond even when they are not physically present.

Gift Cards

As experiences become more common, gift cards are growing in popularity. Gift cards, both digital and physical, are likely to dominate gifting categories over the next year.

Plus, retailers may be able to capitalize on a sizable untapped market by making gift cards more personalized.

Eco-friendly Gifts

There has been a change in recent years toward valuing sustainable processes and products, and eco-friendly business gifts will be more popular than ever in 2023. Almost 70% of consumers regard a brand’s environmentally friendly or sustainable initiatives.

Furthermore, by providing eco-friendly presents, businesses indicate that they care about more than just money. They convey a commitment to making a positive environmental effect and supporting sustainable practices.

Inclusive and Diverse Gifts

When you incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) concepts into your gifting strategy, you create an inclusive environment in which everyone feels noticed, appreciated, and respected.

Over 45% of the companies currently support DEI through corporate gifting. As a result, consider collaborating with local craftspeople and companies from varied communities to empower them and enhance your brand reputation.

How to Source Corporate Gifts?

Over 50% people outsourced part or all of their corporate gifting requirements. Organizations that manage end-to-end corporate gifting internally experience more obstacles than those that outsource (through a service provider or a gifting platform).

Outsourcing to a gifting service allows firms to centralize and streamline corporate gifting. It also reduces expenses and creates more engaging gifting experiences by easing friction points such as inventory management and shipping.

However, you should keep some factors in mind while choosing your outsourcing partner, such as:

  • Access to multiple brands and retailers
  • Personalization options
  • Features to manage gift inventory, storage, and shipping
  • Range of products
  • Shipping options such last-mile delivery and pan-India shipping

Last-mile delivery refers to transporting the goods to the end consumers — usually their houses. It plays a vital role in corporate gifting, as a negative delivery experience can result in dissatisfied recipients, negative reviews, and the loss of future business opportunities.

While seamless and efficient last-mile delivery solutions can lead to enhanced customer loyalty, increased sales, and a competitive edge for businesses.

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