October 9, 2020

3 Reasons Why Every Multiplant Manufacturing Business Needs a Packaging Audit

3 Reasons Why Every Multiplant Manufacturing Business Needs a Packaging Audit

If you are a manufacturer, your packaging supply chain manager is likely to list three significant packaging challenges.

  1. How do I reduce packaging costs? 
  2. How do I identify and reduce the in-transit losses of my goods?
  3. How do I put my enterprise on track for continuous improvement? 

If you face any or all of the above challenges, you are looking for a robust and periodic packaging audit program with the following benefits for your enterprise.

Explore the Cost Advantage of a Lean Supply Chain for Packaging

Optimizing the packaging inventory is a significant challenge. Holding high inventories of packaging SKUs can block your enterprise’s working capital. On the other hand, an inventory stock-out can directly affect your distribution and reduce revenue through lost sales. A packaging audit can enable you to rightsize your packaging inventory, unlock working capital, and reduce indirect costs. You can also explore EOQ levels of inventory by using artificial intelligence-enabled analytics and migrate towards a lean supply chain.

Reduce Wastage and Losses in Transit During the Supply Chain Journey

Pilferage, wear and tear, and spoilage during transit can lead to formidable losses to your enterprise. One way to reduce such wastage and losses is to re-engineer packaging as per the logistics lens. A packaging audit can enable you to map the logistical challenges across multiple modes of transportation and choose packaging solutions that provide the best fit for each stage of your supply chain journey. 

Continuously Improve Through Total Quality Management in Packaging

The COVID19 pandemic has ushered in a new normal. How do you explore new avenues to stay competitive? Class C spend items like packaging cater to less than 10% of the unit costs of end products but are likely to affect more than 10X of the value of your goods if you get it wrong. A packaging audit can help you to discover the most significant opportunities to enable continuous improvement and total quality management in packaging. 

Are you exploring a Packaging Audit for your Manufacturing Plant(s)? Testing and diagnosis are integral to both human and enterprise health. With a packaging audit across your plant locations, you can detect challenges early and adopt remedial measures with agility to reimagine your packaging. 

If you feel that your packaging could be improved but don’t know where to start, please get in touch with us here. You can also learn more about our packaging solutions by clicking here.