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The EPC project developer entrusted with making India’s first bullet train corridor trusts Moglix Business for its heavy fabrication.

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If you are looking for fabrication solutions for your EPC project, Moglix Business has got you covered.

Find fabrication solutions for your EPC project by:

Buyer Persona

Explore solutions to fabrication problems as per your role and responsibility in the EPC project.

Fabrication Capabilities

Casting, Welding, Heat Treatment, Forging, Heavy Fabrication, Forming, Onsite Erection, Design Engineering

Fabrication Capabilities

Explore Moglix Business fabrication capabilities

Get fabrication solutions for a wide diversity of EPC infrastructure projects

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Design Engineering
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Heat Treatment
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Heavy Fabrication
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Onsite Erection

Explore Fabrication Solutions by Buyer Persona

Get fabrication solutions as per your role in the EPC project

Find relevant fabrication solutions that are mapped to your vantage point and shaped as per your role in the RACI matrix of the EPC infrastructure and manufacturing project.

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For CPOs of Infrastructure Project Developers

For CEOs of Infrastructure Project Developers

Deliver Project to the Customer on Time, Within Budget and With Full Scope

50+ of India’s leading EPC infrastructure project developers and project owners trust us with their fabrication requirements to design, build, and deliver projects on time, within budget, and with full scope of work with Moglix Business fabrication solution for the EPC supply chain.

Hit the Targeted Internal Rate of Return from the EPC Infrastructure Project

Hit the targeted internal rate of return from your EPC infrastructure project with Moglix Business SaaS cloud enabled synchronized manufacturing and fabrication solution for the EPC supply chain.

Reduce Long Pay Back Period of EPC Infrastructure Projects

Get a single fabrication partner for your EPC infrastructure project for a frictionless project lifecycle experience from design engineering, and heavy fabrication to onsite erection.


Fabrication success stories across the supply chain for diverse EPC infrastructure projects

Logistics & Transportation Systems

Roads & Bridges


Ports & Terminals

Passenger Railways

Freight Railways

Bulk Material Transportation


Metro Rail

Real Estate

Thermal Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation

Waste Management

Oil & Gas


Thermal Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation

Waste Management

Oil & Gas

Transmission & Distribution

Irrigation Systems

Sewage System

Drainage System

Human Development

Education Infrastructure

Healthcare Infrastructure

Drinking Water Infrastructure