Conversations on the infrastructure supply chain and learnings from success stories


About the Video

In this episode of Building India titled “Conversations on the Infrastructure Supply Chain and Learnings from Success Stories”, we have Abheet Dwivedi, Vice President, Infrastructure & PSU and Mohit Gulyani, Vice President, Manufacturing as a Service sharing their perspectives on India’s infrastructure now, the opportunities ahead, digital supply chain transformation, enterprise risk management, the PM Gati Shakti policy, integrated project planning, India’s net zero ambitions, and climate action the future of sustainable construction raw materials like green steel.

Who Should Watch This Video?

This episode of the “Building India” series of conversations pursues the areas of interest of CPOs, COOs, and CTOs of infrastructure project developers and sub-contractors.



Abheet Dwivedi

Vice President, Infrastructure & PSU, Moglix Business


Mohit Gulyani

Vice President, Manufacturing as a Service, Moglix Business

Contents Covered in This Episode with Timestamps

  • 0:00- 5:05 - India’s Infrastructure Now
  • 5:05-8:06 - The Opportunities Ahead for Infrastructure Project Developers
  • 8:06-12:49 - Digital Transformation of India’s Infrastructure
  • 12:49- 18:03 - Project Management and Fabrication Requirements of Infrastructure Project Developers
  • 18:03- 23:38 - Systems for Enterprise Risk Management at Scale for All Stakeholders
  • 23:38-25:54 - PM Gati Shakti and Project Planning for Infrastructure Supply Chain Management
  • 25:54-30:53 - Net Zero Transition and Climate Action in India
  • 30:53- 37:00 - Sustainable Construction Raw Materials: Green Hydrogen and Green Steel in Focus

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