Vendor Consolidation

An Intelligent Platform for Indirect Procurement

Reduced Management Cost

Savings on efforts and resource engagements

Reduced Purchase Cost

Cost savings on non-strategic procurement

Reduced Non-Compliance

100% GST compliance


Vendor Consolidation

Resolves supplier fragmentation up to 60-80%

Quality Standardization

Products of uniform quality standards across the country

Price Standardization

Location agnostic pricing for a product across the country

Technology Enablement

Real-time tracking of goods and spend analytics

JIT Delivery

Reduction of lead-time and on-time in full (OTIF) delivery

GST Compliance

GST software-enabled compliance for procurement
Industry Verticals
  • 1-3%
  • 3-5%
  • 2-3%
  • 20-30%


Major challenges facing incumbent enterprises in making purchases from a fragmented procurement network include:
  • Inefficient resource and time engagements for non-strategic procurement
  • Price and quality variances due to a fragmented supplier base
  • Data governance issues resulting in poor visibility of procurement spend
  • GST non-compliance due to purchases from unregulated suppliers

How It Works

Trend Analysis

Analysis of purchase pattern to spot major SKUs and spending

Data Governance

Cleaning of the master material datasheet

Vendor Consolidation

Closure of vendor codes serviceable by Moglix

Inventory Optimization

Quality and price standardization across categories


One-Stop Solution

Exhaustive menu of 10,000+ SKUs for C class spend products

Technology Driven Procurement

Transparent online procurement guided by 100% clean master data

Pan-India Availability

Standard prices across India to support multi-plant and multi-product procurement

Cost Savings

Synergised savings across sourcing, resources and processes

Supply Chain Visibility

Real-time spend analytics and tracking of goods

GST Compliance

100% GST compliance across procurement process for input tax credits