Understanding The Structural Impact On Supply Chains Due To COVID19

Moglix Talks is a series of podcasts that explore insights and analysis of the latest developments and best practices in the transformation of B2B supply chain and commerce with technology.

In the first episode, we discuss the immediate impact of the Covid19 pandemic, the transmission of supply chain disruptions across verticals in India, how certain enterprises resolved the challenges they faced and what can others do to be better prepared for such shocks. Major sections covered in the podcast include:

Major sections covered in the podcast include:
  • Transformation of supply chain disruptions into transnational economic shocks
  • Exposure of the Indian economy to China through bilateral trade linkages
  • Capabilities to deal with disruptions caused by force majeure events
  • Best practices to manage supply chain risks and disruptions
  • Epilogue: making supply chains more transparent and agile


Partha Dash

Senior Vice President
Moglix Business