Tech Startups Enabling the New Normal will Experience Viable​ Growth

Sustainable​ Growth Of Tech Startups Driving The New Normal

Rahul Garg, CEO & Founder talks about how tech startups enabling the new normal will experience sustainable growth. Tech-integrated supply chains are on the rise more than ever due to the major set-back in 2020. Tech startups that have provided or pivoted their offerings to transition their customers from fixed costs to variable costs or reduce their exposure to health risks through remote working and workforce collaboration have registered robust growth. 

Tech startups that have lived up to the promise of ensuring business continuity, workforce collaboration, and effective remote working for their enterprise customers have thrived. 

He throws light on the growth that these startups have achieved supernormal growth during the pandemic. He also talks about how the pandemic has seen a surge in demand for technology-enabled solutions that allow enterprises to reduce their exposure to financial and health risks. 

During the pandemic, enterprises have pivoted towards outcome-based digital transformation initiatives and have put outlay-based projects on the backburner.

Technologies that have experienced a dip in demand are data center systems, enterprise software, devices, ITeS, and communication services.

Tech startups offering business transformation solutions, business process re-engineering, and modernization of legacy applications and systems have been at the receiving end of reduced expenditure by enterprise customers.

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