Strengthening the supply chain of essential equipment and vaccines

After leaving a trail of death and disaster the second wave of Covid-19 is finally showing signs of abating. This is a golden opportunity for all stakeholders in India’s manufacturing supply chain to act now to delay the third wave.

The only long-term solution to fight Covid is vaccination. Central consolidation of vaccine procurement to the tune of 75%, with a 25% window for private hospitals will resolve several vaccine supply chain challenges. As seen in the case of Operation Warp Speed in the United States, a centrally administered vaccine procurement model will alleviate the bad Nash equilibrium emanating competition among state governments to procure vaccines on their own and foster greater collaboration.

Long-Term Focus: A National Supply Chain Stress Test for Critical Resources

A national supply chain stress test for critical resources may be conducted every financial quarter.

It should consist of three layers of descending priority levels:

  • To encompass items covered under the Essential Commodities Act.
  • To include the raw materials required by vaccine manufacturers deployed in the COVID19 vaccine.
  • To cover materials required in the infrastructure vertical.

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