Get uniform packaging solutions across plant locations of your enterprise through one integrated platform

Primary Packaging

Barrier Properties During Shelf Life Bottles, Containers & Jars, Metal, Tube, Semi-Rigid & Glass

Secondary Packaging

Branding Display and Logistics Corrugation, Cartons, Pouches Labels

Tertiary Packaging

Securing Unit Loads During Transit Bags, Tapes, Crates, Films, Straps, Liner & Cushioning, Pallets


Quality Standardization

Consistent quality for uniform branding & labeling of SKUs

Design Standardization

Symmetry of primary, secondary & tertiary packaging

Price Benchmarking

Consistent and predictable pricing of packaging products

Safety Standardization

Secure packaging that lasts end to end transit

Cost Efficient

Cost-efficiencies resulting vendor consolidation

Mass Customization

60-70% customization of packaging products
Industry Verticals
  • 60%
  • 50%
  • 5%
  • 3%


Major challenges faced by manufacturing enterprises in managing a fragmented vendor portfolio for packaging include
  • Spillover of packaging cost differential across multiple plant locations into pricing
  • Inconsistencies in product specifications and quality across multiple plant locations
  • Procurement inefficiencies due to disproportionate efforts for class C spend
  • Logistics inefficiencies due to suboptimization of freight and inventory holding costs

Value Proposition

One-Stop Solution

One platform for packaging design print, and inventory

Industrial Scale

Uniform quality and pricing across multiple locations

Quality Assurance

Three-step quality audit to enable zero defects


Compliance with industry-specific regulations


Integrated Platform

Efficient procurement of packaging SKUs through a demand-driven model

Man Hour Savings

Man hour efficiencies due to vendor consolidation and greater visibility

Cost and Freight Savings

Cost and freight efficiencies on account of centralized sourcing through Moglix

Consistent Customer Experience

Consistent price-performance ratio across multiple regions for consistent product quality

Optimized Stock Holding

Reduced inventory and buffer stock through vendor managed inventory

JIT Delivery

JIT delivery at plants due to our efficient logistics and large warehousing network