Moglix Offerings

Moglix Offerings

Enterprise Solutions

Moglix has rapidly changed the landscape of B2B procurenment of industrial goods and packaging consumbles. We work with enterprises to understand and solve their supply chain problems and enable them on a seamless digital tranformation journey.

Optimize MRO

A comprehensive solution for optimizing MRO spend using technology, supplier network and product knowledge across 45+ categories. Explore

Simplify Packaging

An integrated platform for design, manufacturing, inventory management & delivery of Packaging solutions. Explore

Future Focused Construction​

Moglix provides concrete solutions for rapid infrastructure developement. It has helped organisation in the construction world to optimize spend, and maximize visibility by planning, sourcing, and collaborating on a single platform. Explore

Buyers Portal

Optimize costs and improve procurement compliance through AI-powered analytics, guided spend behavior and unlimited product recommendations Explore

Supplier central

An online portal for suppliers currently doing business with us as well as interested manufacturers and suppliers. Explore

Digital Solutions

Moglix with tech first approach is reimaging the entire manufacturing & supply chain through innovative digital solutions


Moglix is an agile digital disruptor empowering organizations to innovate while streamlining their supply chain and operations.


An efficient contracting solution that offers simplified and innovative solutions, eliminating the need for iterations and high turn around time. Click Here


An autonomous contract analytics platform that optimizes contracts based on recommendations generated for exception alerts. Click Here