Moglix is on its way to build smarter and faster procurement and logistics solutions

Moglix is a digital solutions enterprise with an obsession for customer service. The excellence of our supply chain operations defines who we are and what we do to meet our customers’ requirements. Furthermore, I believe that leadership wins through superior logistics. Our success in the B2B commerce space is rooted in our ability to leverage technology to bring greater visibility and predictability to the supply chain journey for our customers.

We have always believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is reflected in our endeavor to roll out a full-stack integrated operating system for procurement and supply chain.

Be it our Moglix Supplier Central application for procurement and supplier relationship management, our Moglix catalog for indirect procurement, the Moglix Buyer’s app for order management and real-time order tracking, or the warehouse and field management system for efficient logistics operations, users from our customer enterprises get to access all these modules or customized bundles from a single operating system.

Moglix’s technology has always been about unlocking new avenues of efficiency through the integration of suppliers, customers, and logistics. At Moglix, we are using technology to build smarter and faster procurement and logistics solutions for creating a great customer experience.

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