Moglix CEO on building the Catalogue for India

“India operated pretty much without catalogues pre-Moglix. I would take the liberty of saying that Moglix is the catalogue for India.”

This is a powerful statement. But in his 15 years of professional career and six years of entrepreneurial journey, Moglix Founder and CEO Rahul Garg has proved that it can be the most disruptive company in the manufacturing sector globally.

“I started with the goal to bring the same level of convenience, technology, and supply chain efficiency that we see in our consumer world to the B2B world. And that is how we will build the infrastructure and capabilities, which will be required in the next 20 to 50 years for our country to become a manufacturing infrastructure powerhouse across the world,”

says Rahul.

Rahul’s ambition is to see India become a $10 trillion economy over the next 10 years, but that would need a collective effort from the country, he says.

While Moglix is busy strategising its global expansion plans, Rahul emphasis that the dent is far smaller given the size of the sector.

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