It takes Rahul Garg’s toolkit to make an industrial goods platform a unicorn

Sensing the oncoming storm, Rahul Garg knew that India is heading towards trouble. Within a few weeks in April, Mr. Garg and his team at Moglix began working with manufacturers of oxygen concentrators in India, while also sending charter flights to China and Germany to procure the concentrators. Since then, the company has procured some 6,000 oxygen concentrators, which Moglix has been selling to corporate and industrial houses in India. They, in turn, have been giving them to their employees on a group-sharing model, based on a template developed by Garg and Moglix

“We have probably touched half a million lives through oxygen concentrators,”

Rahul says

Moglix, a company that Garg founded in 2015, is part of a consortium where 10 manufacturers have come together to ramp up oxygen concentrators to make India self-reliant in the segment.

“We are working with them on both the global and domestic supply chain on raw materials,” 

Rahul adds

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