India’s Covid Vaccination Drive: A Road To Self-Reliance


Rahul Garg, CEO & Founder, discusses how India’s covid vaccination drive will lead its journey to self-reliance. As the vaccine rollout in India has crossed one million doses within a week of inception. India accounts for 60% of the world’s manufactured vaccine output and our global partners are looking up to us to help them out of the crisis. 

Naturally, this has become a crucial moment for India, as our capability to drive the vaccination manufacturing and supplies for our global partners will determine our focus and determination towards becoming self-reliant.

India’s COVID19 vaccine supply chain design has to be based on optimizing multiple objectives of cost, quality, and delivery. Collaboration among the stakeholders namely pharmaceuticals companies, logistics services providers, warehousing companies, and government agencies is the key to achieving this.

Rahul also says that this mission is guaranteed to be a success with all the stakeholders enrolled in a compact and connected supply chain platform to bring visibility to the order to delivery processes and track each stage of the supply chain journey. 

The solution is to integrate the individual supply chain functions of every stakeholder into a gross objective function of ensuring COVID19 vaccine for a maximum number of people at minimum costs.

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