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What is vendor consolidation?

Vendor consolidation involves lowering the number of vendors that your company buys from, by focusing on the supplier relationships that are most beneficial for your company. Thus instead of spreading your spend across a fragmented supplier-base of a large number of vendors, you can effectively reduce your costs, increase purchasing power and harness better vendor relationships through vendor consolidation.

How many categories are you dealing with?

We currently have with us the largest number of SKUs (3 Lakhs plus) and brands in the country spread across 40+ categories.

Where all in India are you based out of?

Apart from our corporate office in Noida, we currently have regional offices and warehouses in 10 cities across India (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pantnagar, Faridabad, Aurangabad, Manesar) and more underway.

Do you provide data cleaning services as well?

Yes we provide data cleaning services for free. This is provided to selected customers only.

Support provided?

We are available on our helpline 365 days 24X7. In case of emergency support you can reach out to us at

Do you also manage inventory of our warehouse on our behalf?

Yes. We do. We manage inventory on behalf of the customer upon mutual agreement.

Will we have a dedicated Key account manager?

Yes. At Moglix, we strive to give you end to end support for any and all of your needs, hence, we will provide you with a dedicated key accounts manager, who will help you with various aspects to cater to all your queries. Apart from this, we do offer support via email, telephonic, training and live support to cater to your queries.

Where all are you supplying in India?

We have a diverse supplier base across India and are currently supplying to over 22,000 pin codes across the country.

Once we sign – what are the Next steps?

We will understand your purchase pattern and draw insights out of it, that will help us assess how your business can be streamlined and incorporated in the best way possible. Our team members will get in touch with you and get the process of getting your businesses online started. Hence, giving you transaction transparency and access to thousands of buyer to grow your business.

Do you provide support during an emergency?

Our Key Accounts Managers are there for your dedicated support. You can reach out to them for assistance during emergencies.

What is the average TAT to receive goods?

Once Moglix MRO buyer terminal is implemented on your ERP, real-time information about your purchase requisitions, RFQs and PO generation will be visible to us. This will help Moglix account managers in understanding the purchase patterns of the customers, from a category and plant perspective.

What is the Moglix MRO Buyer Terminal?

Moglix MRO buyer terminal is a cloud-based portal that digitizes the entire buying process of our customers for all the transaction done through Moglix. Through the portal, Moglix’s customers can order and track their purchases on real-time basis.

Are there any licensing requirements as well?

No. There aren’t any licensing requirements. We will connect to your ERP through HCI connector.

Is there a demo for Moglix’s MRO Buyer Portal services?

Yes, there is! You can get in touch with us and request for a demo here.

How do you go about the implementation?

At Moglix, we believe in a hands-on approach, so we make it our mission to help you with the implementation process until you’re not satisfied. From advising you about the best practices to training your team and customizing account. You name it, we do it!

Is there any downtime of my system during implementation?


Is Moglix MRO Buyer Portal going to be integrated with my ERP?

Yes, it will be.

How will my business benefit from this?

  • Automation of your Purchase Processes
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Payment Settlements: Get real-time updates on the payments to be made to Moglix for multiple POs
  • 100% clean mast material sheet: The platform generates a unique serial number against every SKU, thereby generating a clean material sheet.
  • Advanced Analytics: Get a holistic view of the purchases done by the customers through Moglix and evaluate the performance of Moglix plant-wise as well as category-wise, thereby, making Moglix as a partner in indirect purchases, rather than a transactional supplier.

How often can I add more users?

You can add users anytime you want. We would want you to structure your account as per your needs and business goals.

How long does implementation generally take?

This is the question on everyone’s mind! Our recommended timeline to set our system up and running for your organization is roughly 3 weeks. We take 2 weeks to test and touch up your account and a week for dedicated user training. Having said that, however, the timeline is flexible (we can customize it according to your needs), in urgent situations we’ve even implemented it in a week’s time.

Can you provide me goods at my last purchase price?

We will provide you industrial goods at most competitive prices.

Do you also offer standard pricing across plants pan India?
We offer standard pricing across your plants, thereby ensuring complete transparency of the procurement

Is Moglix MRO Buyer terminal charged?
We offer Moglix MRO Buyer Terminal free of charge to selected customers. For others, we charge a nominal fees to use the portal.

Does Moglix charge any professional service fee?

Yes, we charge professional services fee. We want you to get the most out of Moglix and to help you do that we try to work beyond simple integration and implementation and work in close conjunction with your team to optimize your spends. Hence, all Moglix customers have to purchase a simple implementation package, that will get your business on board and help us in integrating your business as quickly as possible.

Who will have access to my information?

Once you decide to partner with us, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you, and rest assured your data is in safe hands. You will always have access to your own information, which you can keep constantly updating, if necessary.

If I stop using Moglix’s services, what will happen to my data?

Though we are more than confident that our association will keep you happy, however, if you ever decide to terminate our relationship, you can export all your data easily.

What security measures are in place so that the loss and misuse of my information can be prevented?

Your login is password protected. We will never ask you for your password via an unsolicited call or in any unsolicited e-mails. Always remember to sign out of your account and close your browser window, post finishing work. Apart from this, your data is fully protected with security backup every 24 hours.

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