The Vendor Consolidation from Moglix Business is an integrated supplier management system that enables suppliers to resolve challenges of ambiguity on order-supply reconciliation, order delivery by the supplier and its receipt by the customer, information gaps on receipts and outstanding amounts and inconsistencies in goods return.
Our Vendor Consolidation is a supplier management system that allows suppliers to find customers, expand their market outreach across India, track order, shipment and payment status and authorize the return of goods.
Our Vendor Consolidation solution leverages technology enablement to simplify supplier management through four easy steps. It facilitates the enrolment of a supplier into the system, completes the registration of a supplier with support from the Moglix Business team, activates the supplier to find customers and grants access to the supplier to manage its catalog of product offerings.
Our Vendor Consolidation enables your business to reach out to enterprise customers, get better visibility into order status, track shipments to and payments from customers and administer an unambiguous policy for goods returned along with demand-driven first and last-mile on-ground support for logistics.
Major categories of industrial supplies accommodated by our supplier management system include power tools, hand tools, safety tools and electricals.


Sentinel is an anomaly detection tool that allows businesses to resolve challenges of inefficiencies in procurement spend, inconsistent contract visibility, supply-side disruptions and the consequent transverse effects on stakeholders in the downstream of the supply chain.
Some of the major industry verticals that can benefit from the deployment of anomaly detection tools are manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, FMCG and FMCD.
Sentinel simplifies anomaly diagnosis into four major stages. It allows enterprises to collect data by connecting fragmented silos and data stacks, configure rules, spot anomalies and get recommendations to de-risk the supply chain.
Some of the major features offered by Sentinel are the search and artificial intelligence-driven analytics, cloud and onsite hosting, customization of the dashboard and enterprise data security.
Major benefits offered by Sentinel are multi-tenant usage, scalability, KPI tracking, enterprise-wide transparency and past behavior regression analysis.


The iCAT is a contract automation platform that enables enterprises to simplify issues pertaining to engagements of resources, time and efforts for contract management, execute iterative functions for data validation, coordination failure with buyers, inefficiencies in contract renewals and amendments and lack of visibility into contract execution.
Some of the major industry verticals that stand to benefit from the deployment of the iCAT contract management system are manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, healthcare and FMCG.
The contract management system enables businesses to simplify the contracting process into four easy stages. It allows businesses to collect data on demand signal, create, modify or renew a contract while defining conditions for legal compliance and data validation and migrate data to a legacy ERP system routed through legacy apps or directly.
Some of the major features offered by the contract management system are the simplification of workflow for contract management, multi-tenant usage, consolidation, storage and retrieval of contract data and compatibility with legacy software apps of CRM and ERP.
Some of the major benefits of the iCAT are augmenting the probability of getting contract automation right the first time up to 98%, reduction of TAT for contract management up to 40% and cost rationalization by up to 3% – 6%.


Some of the major contract intelligence challenges that the C-Vantage resolves are cost inefficiencies due to reactive contracting processes, coordination failure across the functions of contracting, supplier management and cost control, lack of clarity on contract spend and lack of compatibility with legacy software applications.
Some of the major industry verticals that stand to benefit from the deployment of a contract business intelligence platform include manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, FMCG and FMCD
C-Vantage simplifies the leveraging of contract analytics for greater transparency into the supply chain in four easy steps. Enterprises can upload and clean data on the contract intelligence platform, configure rules to get recommendations, analyze and visualize the data to streamline the contracting process and act on insights.
The major features of the C-Vantage contract intelligence software are end-to-end contract analytics, cross-functional insights, customizable dashboard for visualization, provision of recommendations and integration with legacy apps like ERP and CLM, etc.
The contract intelligence platform allows multi-tenant usage, spots deviations from expected values to de-risk supply chain management, cost rationalization and compliance in contracting processes.

Vendor Portal

Some of the major vendor management issues resolved by the Vendor Portal are the opaqueness of procurement channels, working capital blockage due to orders exceeding optimal levels, sporadic downtime in production due to a shortage of supplies and tax compliance across the supply chain.
Some of the major industry verticals that face issues dealing with complex vendor management systems are FMCG, FMCD, healthcare, manufacturing and e-commerce
The Vendor Portal simplifies the procurement to pay cycle into four major stages. Enterprises can define line items to simplify orders, reconcile invoicing with the delivery of supplies, analyze vendor data to seek insights and streamline the strategic supplier selection process based on KPIs.
The Vendor Portal is a vendor management software that allows enterprises to optimize, inventories, track and trace the status of procurement orders, make better strategic decisions for on-shore and off-shore procurements and supply chain design, make the supply chain more granular and flexible and compare vendor performances across SKUs.
Major features of the vendor management software include procurement analytics, collaborative sourcing from vendors, integration with massive ERP systems, robust enterprise-wide security and GST compliance across the supply chain.
At Moglix Business, we provide solutions for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging for multiple categories of products to businesses across India.
Through our packaging solutions, we resolve the challenges of variances in prices, quality and design caused by the procurement of packaging materials from diverse vendors. We also enable businesses to address issues of cost inefficiencies and environmental compliance.
Our packaging solutions cover more than 40 categories of products for diverse industry verticals including automobile, food & beverage, personal care, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
Moglix Business provides your business with a one-stop-shop for all your packaging requirements while reducing requirements of resource, time and effort engagements for dealing with a fragmented vendor portfolio, rationalizing costs and ensuring consistent consumer experiences through uniform and seamless standards of packaging, branding and labeling.
Our packaging solutions can enable your business to affect vendor consolidation up to 60%, raise operational efficiency in packaging by 50%-75%, rationalize costs by up to 1%-5% and generate man-hour saving of up to 2% to 3%.

The cataloging solution from Moglix Business offers an enterprise management system that resolves complexities of product-supplier mapping, price variances, heterogeneous and ill-defined quality standards of business supplies and ambiguities in the return of goods.
Our cataloging solution offers a large menu of branded and generic industrial supplies across multiple categories, pre-committed prices and quality standards and facilitates GST compliance
Our cataloging solution simplifies industrial procurement through four easy steps. The technology-driven platform allows customers to place an order, generates a customer order number (CPN) for the customer to track the order status, maps the order against the CPN and finally enrolls the customer into the system for the completion of the purchase.
Your business stands to benefit by placing orders for purchases of industrial supplies by simplifying search, reducing engagements with multiple vendors for easier track and trace of purchases and ensuring standardization of prices and quality and defining an unambiguous policy for goods to be returned.
Major product categories that we cater to include electricals, office stationaries, hand tools and safety tools.

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