Employee Engagement & Wellbeing: The First Priority

Employee Engagement & Wellbeing: The First Priority

Saumya Khare, Director-Human Capital talks about employee engagement & wellbeing. She emphasizes the importance of taking care of employees’ mental health, whenever and however you can. There is a bunch of new initiatives taking place across organizations, the first priority is keeping up with employee engagement & well-being. She shares the best practices that HR can take, the top being digitisation of processes.

 Whether working from home, remote locations, or the workplace, digitization has now become integral to the way we communicate. While businesses differ in terms of their digital maturity, all businesses are now realizing the value of online workflow platforms.

Saumya throws light on the benefits of making digital HR processes to not only stay connected but to also build the organization stronger, which in itself is a cultural change. Every organization which truly aims to be the business of tomorrow and build a resilient future needs to re-imagining its way of working and try to then ease it out for everyone by being more inclusive and proactive.

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