Creating a 100x Impact of Oxygen Concentrators

As hospitals struggle with bed and oxygen availability, Oxygen concentrators will play a big role for non-severe cases and in home/ clinic care. It will reduce the burden on hospitals, while giving a much needed window to patients as they arrange for medical care. We estimate the need for at least 100,000 oxygen concentrators across India.

However each person buying an Oxygen concentrator for themselves is not scalable and will lead to inefficient distribution of precious resources. Most people shall find the cost prohibitive and the requirement short-lived for 1-2 weeks.

We believe an efficient Group Sharing Model for procurement and allocation of Oxygen concentrators via corporates/ NGOs/ Trusts/ RWAs which has the potential to increase the impact of each Oxygen Concentrator by 100x.

Rahul Garg, CEO & Founder, Moglix

In this model we create an ‘Oxygen Concentrator Bank’ typically by one of the organizations – the members of which can then request for a short-term 3-7 days loan of the oxygen concentrator as their or their loved ones oxygen falls.

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