Company Poised for Major Revenue Growth in Upcoming Fiscal Year

In an exclusive interview with Mint, Rahul Garg, CEO and Founder said, the Tiger Global-backed firm may have the option to break even in the next 12 months or to continue investing in business growth. He said Moglix’s successful foray into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will become a template for its entry into other foreign markets.  

Moglix CEO speaks about revenue run rate, path to profitability and international ops. Find more on what the founder shared in the conversation: 

What was the growth you saw last year considering the market environment? How do the next few quarters look?  

(Last year), while the world was in chaos, I think India was a shining star. While there are all sorts of global issues with respect to the venture environment, (but) I think India is still the bright star. We primarily work with manufacturing and infrastructure customers. Today, about 85-90% of our business is in India. 

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